About eVent

A waterproof breath of fresh air

Since our launch in 1999, eVent has given athletes, adventurers, and professionals a better choice in waterproof/breathable apparel.


Through dogged determination and plenty of solid science, we revolutionized the waterproof/breathable category by creating a 'dry system' that instantly vents the moisture that typically builds up inside your garments as you sweat. No multi-step process, no wet-on-the-inside feeling.


The result is simple: You can perform at your best even when conditions are at their worst. That's the eVent promise, and it's why we continue to push the envelope in product development, providing a broad range of waterproof, windproof, and protective technologies – all with eVent's superior breathability built right into the fabrics.


eVent -- The time has come for a waterproof breath of fresh air.


*Sidebar photo credits top to bottom: MotorFist; Rab; Showers Pass/Daniel Wakefield Pasley