Hit the trails or hit the town with confidence and the protection of eVent. eVent footwear creates a comfortable, breathable environment for users so they won’t be slowed down because of the weather. You can find eVent in hiking, running, and lifestyle footwear designed to keep you dry and comfortable all day long, no matter the activity

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Ultralight construction with exceptional breathability. Our revolutionary DVdryLT one-piece upper construction method eliminates the need for an additional outer fabric layer, resulting in an incredibly lightweight, comfortable and more breathable waterproof shoe. The patented one-piece upper construction requires 50% fewer parts than traditional waterproof uppers and 30% fewer construction steps during manufacturing, making it more cost-effective and sustainable.

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The original air permeable waterproof footwear technology. From the trailhead to base camp, DVdry footwear answers the call when all-weather protection is needed. Our proprietary Direct Venting (DV) technology utilizes billions of microscopic pores to instantly vent the water vapor (sweat) inside your footwear when you’re active. Constructed using bootie or gasket manufacturing techniques, DVdry technology is ideal for rugged, punishing environments.

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Trusted professional-grade protection. Featuring our bi-component Direct Diffusion technology, Protective footwear technology not only protects you from Mother Nature, it offers an added barrier of defense against chemicals and hazardous substances. Tested in the harshest conditions to meet the highest specifications, Protective is counted on by professionals worldwide who need the most durable footwear protection on the market.