Waterproof, windproof, and more. Outerwear made with eVent technology is built to protect you from the elements no matter if you are catching a gondola for your next run or waving down a taxi on your way home from the office. Don’t let the weather change your plans.


Breathable shelter from the storm. At eVent, we believe that waterproof/breathable should also mean dry and comfortable. eVent fabrics was the first to engineer and use patented Direct Venting technology so rain can't get in but sweat can get out instantly.

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Built for those who continually push the limits. DVexpedition, our burliest waterproof membrane, provides the ultimate in durability and all-weather protection. Continuing our commitment to deliver dry comfort in the widest range of conditions, DVexpedition provides the greatest waterproof protection without sacrificing air permeability. At its best when the conditions are at their worst.

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Instantly breathable + waterproof = 100% awesome. In 1999 we introduced the world's first air permeable 100% waterproof membrane. And we did such a good job that it's still the standard for breathable waterproof technology. DValpine's 3-layer laminate is perfect for staying dry and comfortable on the mountain, in the snow, or going anywhere off the beaten, rain-soaked path.

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There goes your list of excuses. DVstorm is built for moderate weather and way-above-moderate activity. If you're a serious runner, cyclist or adventurer, this is the garment to get caught in the rain with. Lightweight face fabrics paired with 10 denier backers are approximately 20% lighter and 15% more breathable than our DValpine series laminates. Light and fast all-weather protection.

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Sustainable waterproof protection. alpineST is a sustainable alternative to ePTFE products that provide top-end waterproofness and breathability while protecting you from the harshest elements. Created with the planet in mind, alpineST products are built around a fluorine free membrane laminated to recycled face fabrics and C0 DWR.


Waterproof and planet positive. Our bio-based membrane technology uses sustainable materials to provide the all-weather protection and performance users have come to expect from eVent fabrics. At the technology’s core is the highly renewable and smartly-sourced plant-based materials. Light, tough and flexible, the BIO membrane has a reduced carbon footprint and is recyclable when it reaches the end of its lifecycle.

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Planet positive technology. eVent BIO looks to the future of the planet and protects you from the weather, too. Fast-growing, renewable castor beans are at the heart of our 100% waterproof-breathable membrane that repels wind, rain and snow.


Just short of tornado proof. eVent windproof laminates are specifically designed for activities that make you sweat. Utilizing air permeable Direct Venting™ Technology, they're able to block the wind and offer water resistance while still letting moisture out. So even if the wind is howling and your body is working up a serious sweat, you won't feel a thing.

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Something impressive just blew into town. DVwind is our original windproof membrane/laminate technology. It deflects wind yet it's super breathable because of its high air permeability and moisture vapor transfer rate. That's just a fancy way of saying, if you're out in the wind and working up a sweat, you'll stay dry and comfortable.

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Windproof never felt so good. Meet the first stretch windproof eVent laminate. How did we do it? It’s a combination of eVent high performance membrane technology and the advanced lamination capabilities of ITTTAI. The result is a perfect balance of stretch comfort, windproofing, water resistance, and breathability.


Stand up to conditions other fabrics fear. If you really want to know how good your technology is, you test it with the people who can't change their plans because of weather.

For years we’ve been using our bi-component Direct Diffusion™ Technology to create waterproof, breathable, chemical and fire resistant clothing and footwear for our military, police and firefighters. If the conditions they face on a regular basis can’t be considered "extreme", nothing can be.

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Counted on by military, police, fire and myriad professionals around the globe, eVent Protective technology provides not only a barrier of defense against Mother Nature but critical protection against chemicals and hazardous substances. Our Direct Diffusion technology features proprietary bi-component technology built to withstand repeated exposure to the weather and hazardous substances.