Meet eVent BIO

A greener all-weather alternative

eVent BIO looks to the future of the planet while keeping you dry and comfortable. We’ve leveraged our 20-plus years of knowledge in all-weather protection to create the next generation of waterproof and windproof gear to provide top performance and protection for any activity.

What is eVent BIO?


eVent BIO uses the highly renewable and smartly-sourced castor bean to create a light, tough and flexible membrane that offers protection against wind, rain and snow in a highly breathable laminate.


We use recycled face fabrics and backers paired with C0 DWR technology to create a PFC-free 100% waterproof and windproof fabric technology.

From castor bean to all-weather protection


Our bio-based membrane is derived from the castor bean, a renewable crop that does not cause deforestation and does not compete with food crops. The castor plants are grown in partnership with the Pragati Initiative, driving sustainable farming practices in India.



The Pragati Initiative uses good agricultural practices to increase yield and farmer income on land that cannot typically support other crops. Castor is an extremely drought-tolerant crop that does well in arid climates, making it a highly profitable crop for the farmers providing multiple harvests in a single year.

Learn more about the Pragati Initiative here



Once harvested, the castor bean is crushed to make castor oil, which is then processed into the polymer Pebax® Rnew® by Arkema. This polymer consists of up to 97% renewable carbon and provides a wide range of flexibility and durometer. We process this polymer to create eVent BIO, a recyclable membrane that is resistant to water, wind, chemicals, and UV rays, creating an easy transition to sustainable materials in any product line.

Membrane Specs

Not only is it sustainable, but it performs how you want it to. eVent knows how important it is to stay dry and comfortable, which is why we’ve tested eVent BIO extensively in the lab to provide the best in all-weather protection.

Water Column:

> 10 meters waterproof


20,000 g/m2/24 H JIS L 1099 B2
(desiccant inverted cup method)

Membrane Weight:

25 g/m2

Minimum Finished Width:

150 cm

*Test results for eVent waterproof fabric. Results may vary depending on the eVent product.

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